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locandina del torino film industry
Following the success of its second edition (800 participants – double the previous year’s amount – and 500 one-on-one meetings during the five-day event), TFI Turin Film Industry will return online throughout the Turin Film Festival. Developed by the Torino Piemonte Film Commission, TFI Torino Film Industry is aided by the National Cinema Museum, the Piedmont Region, and the City of Turin with the assistance of Compagnia di San Paolo, and is open to all audiovisual professionals from both the national and international communities.  
On 26 November from 2pm at Il Circolo dei lettori (Via Bogino, 9) at onLive Campus, as part of the Turin Film Industry, the talk ‘VR as a new frontier’ will be held.   
Federico Basso – Director, Creative Director Video Productions ETT – SCAI Group dialogues with Simone Arcagni – Scientific Director onLive Campus VR is emerging not only as a new frontier in cine-audiovisual realisation, but also as a truly innovative language in its own right, characterised by its own formal identity and emblematic narrative codes. In this context, not only do powerful added values such as immersiveness and dynamic/interactive viewing coexist within VR production, but also not negligible constraints in terms of image production. In fact, VR completely revolutionises the design of the set, which is no longer a split environment where the camera marks the boundary between the scene and the technical area, but becomes a univocal 360-degree field, which must therefore be free, “cleansed” of all the photographic tools that contribute to the quality of the image in traditional cinema.
The positioning of lights and reflective panels, the use of camera movement, the very location of the director’s desk: all these aspects are largely codified and systematically managed in traditional audiovisual production; but in VR, on the contrary, they pose a series of problems and questions that need to be addressed case by case, set by set. At the same time, VR allows for a narrative versatility that is in some respects unprecedented and still rather unfathomable, which certainly applies well to the documentation of reality; but it also invites new challenges and goals, looking suggestively at the realm of fiction as well.
The panel will be an opportunity to discuss this and more, and to share with the audience some case studies from recent VR productions by ETT, a leading company in the field, already recognised for its immersive content in museums as well as its fiction productions such as “Il Purgatorio in VR”. On the same day, 26 November, at 16:00, there will be a talk on Emerging Technologies. ETT’s Giorgio Genta will take part in the panel discussion with the House of Emerging Technologies in Turin, where the dialogue will focus on metaverse, AI, XR and new gamification strategies.