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The 23rd Symposium for the Study of Drawing and Technology in Painting was held in Leuven from 11 to 13 January 2024, a scientific forum for the presentation of new research in the technical history of art, with a focus on the art of the Middle Ages and the early modern period (1400-1600). The lecture covered the technical study of a wide range of supports and media, including paintings on panel, parchment and canvas, drawings, cardboards, sketches, models and rough sketchbooks, prints and manuscript miniatures, and explored this cross-media perspective in the context of artistic materials, working methods and the dissemination of concepts. 

Matteo Ventrella, CTO of ETT, and Manuela Serando, Content Specialist of ETT, also participated with the presentation of the paper “A web/app platform to study, preserve, valorise and disseminate visual and analytical data” within the session dedicated to platforms for visualising and communicating to the public diagnostic data related to techniques applied to cultural heritage. The paper describes the digitisation platform dedicated to Palazzo BalbiSenarega, focusing on the tools developed for the frescoes, in particular the fresco by Domenico Piola, which is housed in the same Palazzo Balbi Senarega in Genoa, now the seat of the University.