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Locandina de La Divina Commedia VR: l'Inferno, un viaggio immersivo, cortometraggio in 3d realizzato da ett, in primo piano un visore vr, sullo sfondo l'inferno di dante sui toni del rosso

Rome Film Festival: Alice nella Città Festival, starring the Divine Comedy in 3D Virtual Reality

Verreschi, ETT: through technological innovation and a multidisciplinary approach we are making one of the greatest works of world literature accessible

Genoa, 14 October 2021 – During the Rome Film Festival and in particular the Alice nella Città Festival within it, ETT, creative digital industry, will present on Monday 18 October, at 5pm, the virtual reality short film ‘The Divine Comedy VR: Inferno, an immersive journey‘ in the Casa Alice space at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. Speakers at the presentation, moderated by Raffaella Salamina, Director of Il Giornale OFF, will include Adele Magnelli, project creator and manager, Federico Basso, screenwriter and director, Alessandro Cavallaro, scientific supervisor of the screenplay, and Pier Paolo Mocci, editor of MAP Magazine. The short film, lasting about seven minutes, accompanied by the voice of Francesco Pannofino, allows the viewer to step into the Poet’s shoes and cross the threshold of Hell to embark on his famous journey. The strong point of the production is, in fact, the integration of computer graphics and film footage in Virtual Reality, thanks to which the viewer can enjoy an immersive and engaging experience. The project was developed with the aim of making one of the greatest works of universal literature accessible and usable through technological innovation with new and unprecedented narrative formulas. 

Giovanni Verreschi, CEO of ETT comments: “Visual metaphors, sounds and colours bring to life one of the most famous and widely translated literary universes in the world. Thanks to the multi-disciplinary approach and the technologies deployed by ETT, the spectator can be brought into the centre of the scene and offered a highly immersive experience. Achieving all this was a huge challenge, but bringing it closer to the general public will be an even tougher one. Furthermore, in the future we hope to open many more doors to embark on new journeys and explore new literary universes’. 

The project was directed by Federico Basso who also wrote the screenplay, while Alessandro Parrello was in charge of the direction and screenplay for the live shoots. In addition, with the original music by Marco Morini, special attention was paid to the sound design to enrich the spectator’s all-round experience. On the other hand, ETT was entirely in charge of the production in Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) Animation, working long and hard on the conception, design and rendering of the 3D animated models, starting from a storyboard closely linked to the verses and images of Dante’s Divine ComedyWest 46th Films was responsible for ensuring the strict technical-artistic coherence of the live shoots on location and in the studio with the poetic universe outlined in the CG component. “The Divine Comedy VR: Inferno, an immersive journey” is intended for the VR platform, festival and audiovisual market in general, museum and educational institutions, film and television channels. Below is the trailer: