Virtual Destination Tour

A mobile app to discover Italy

Virtual Destination Tour (VDT) is a multi-stage research project for the design and implementation of a mobile App full of itineraries and points of interest scattered throughout the country, qualifying their tangible and intangible cultural value. VDT is based on an innovative and immersive storytelling model; avatars of famous people from history will accompany the visitor (like Virgil with Dante) along thematic itineraries, discovering the masterpieces, centers of cultural value and hidden gems of the Italian cultural heritage.
VDT combines traditional use (such as text content, audio guides and image galleries) with new interactive tools, publishing content in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, 3D reconstruction, immersive videos, and serious games. VDT also has a back-end platform that can be independently managed by participating entities.

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immagine divisa in due parti sulla sinistra foto nella penombra di un uomo di profilo del rinascimento, sulla destra una mano realizzata con programma di modellazione 3D in vista reticolare
immagine divisa in due parti: sulla destra profilo di una donna con visore vr, sulla sinistra mano realizzata con modellazione 3D che indica l'esterno sinistro dell'immagine
striscia con loghi da sinistra: unione europea, pon imprese e competitività 2014>20, ministero dello sviluppo economico

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