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Cloud Mobile platform supporting the autonomy of cognitively disabled people

The SMART ANGEL project focuses on the design and implementation of innovative forms of support for personal autonomy through the use of innovative devices and technologies. In particular, an innovative tool has been developed at the service of disabled people, with the aim of supporting their process of self-sufficiency in terms of the management of autonomous movements on habitual routes (home-work, home-rehabilitation centre) and living autonomy, offering support for daily activities.

The action towards an autonomous lifestyle is supported by an initial rehabilitation intervention using ICT devices (e.g. tablets, touch screen devices, Virtual Reality) to simulate movements in pre-defined environments with different levels of difficulty and the possible presence of unexpected events. The title of the project derives from these ambitions, evoking the idea of a companion who suggests and advises without limiting the space of personal autonomy. Smart Angel is mainly aimed at people of post-school age with moderate or moderate-severe intellectual disabilities.

foto delle mani di una ragazza con un grande anello color oro che tiene in mano un iphone mentre messaggia, con lo sfondo di un paesaggio urbano sfocato alle luci del tramonto

Programma Attuativo Regionale del Fondo Aree Sottoutilizzate Regione Liguria 2007-2013 (PAR-FASR) SMART ANGEL – CLOUD MOBILE PLATFORM SUPPORTING THE AUTONOMY OF COGNITIVELY DISABLED PEOPLE. 2013-2015 2013-2015

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