Daily Reminder (Quotidianamente)

Virtual Reality For Intellectually Disabled

Serious Games for a study on childhood and adolescence

QuotidianaMente” is the result of an aim to promote and improve health quality and social interventions for children, adolescents and adults with developmental problems. By examining the daily needs for differently-abled people, the aim is to make their lives easier, improving their independence and the acquisition of greater confidence and work abilities. Using virtual reality tools, “QutodianaMente” offers the simulation of two interactive scenarios, one in a domestic environment, and the other outside, where the disabled user can explore a virtual space and move around, with the proper support, to experiment and learn the correct performance of everyday actions.

foto di tre ragazzi con la sindrome di down che giocano felici con il videogioco del progetto quotidianamente utilizzando un visore VR
camera del videogioco quotidianamente in disordine con cartacce e libri per terra, nell'angolo una scrivania con monitor e due mensole appese alla parete con dei libri sopra

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