Luigi Pirandello House Museum

Regione Siciliana

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A 4.0 theater with the voice of Leo Gullotta: a new communicative potential given to the intangible heritage enshrined in Pirandello’s works, returned to his Birthplace

The renovation of Luigi Pirandello’s birthplace-now the House Museum-was conceived and intended to give new communicative potential to the intangible heritage enshrined within the lines of the Sicilian writer’s works, keeping intact the artifacts and memories within the walls of his birthplace in Agrigento.

The graphic identity of the Luigi Pirandello Birthplace has been totally rethought, starting with the new logo, the choice of frame colors, so close to the nuances of Pirandello’s landscapes, to the new website


Original texts, archival audiovisual materials, specially composed music, and the voice of Maestro Leo Gullotta create an emotional journey that winds its way through the museum’s various stations, related to the main themes connected to the life and works of Luigi Pirandello. Innovative storytelling, combined with innovative technological solutions that are perfectly integrated into the real environment of the House, manage to create different emotional experiences depending on the environment.

The first room is dedicated to the first encounter with the author and with one of the Pirandello family’s great passions, painting: a talking picture greets visitors at the entrance. In Room 2, the visitor finds himself at the center of an immersive projection. Issues related to Theater and Cinema are addressed here through a series of rare films, period images, and cartoons.

The emotional climax of the itinerary is the third room: entering a dark room, thanks to the use of a presence sensor, a cinematic experience is triggered: an immersive projection on the entire front wall retraces moments of Pirandello’s life, such as the return of the ashes to Agrigento and the Nobel Prize.

illustrazione del volto di Luigi Pirandello realizzata da ETT come materiale grafico per la Casa Museo Luigi Pirandello
particolare di una proiezione immersiva realizzata da ETT per la casa museo luigi pirandello

In the 5th room, it is possible to digitally browse through Pirandello’s notebooks and notes, deepening the understanding of his works; in the last, a wall artwall animates Pirandello’s masks as the visitor passes by.

The tour is enhanced by a mobile App that can be used inside and outside the museum, with Augmented Reality content

Complementing the experience is the Virtual Tour of the House Museum, created with Matterport technology, it can be used in web mode from any desktop or mobile device, whose 360-degree images allow you to immerse yourself in the museum’s halls, moving through them in a personalized and interactive manner.

uomo di spalle che osserva la proiezione immersiva di alcune maschere, realizzata da ETT per la Casa Museo Luigi Pirandello
mockup dell'app della casa museo luigi pirandello con percorso realizzato da ETT

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