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G-IDA Inspection Defect Assistant

The G-IDA project consists of the realization of a software system that supports the inspection, monitoring and surveillance activities of transportation infrastructure works of art by enabling the visualization of data in a single BIM-based system declined to the knowledge and maintenance needs of existing works.
It is aimed at inspectors by offering itself as a guide in the inspection process, as well as at infrastructure management entities that need to comply with the new Guidelines for risk classification and management, safety assessment, and monitoring of existing bridges. They thus have at their disposal effective IT tools that integrate BIM logic with planning and preventive maintenance needs.

More in detail, it is a BMS – Bridge Management System that consists of the inventory of works and allows the storage of data and information from inspections thanks to the implementation of data mining logics developed according to the most common functional procedures for Management and Safety systems and maintenance scheduling.

The G-IDA module and related tools will be able to be integrated into DSS (Decision Support System) platforms for the management of natural and man-made hazards by facilitating the lifecycle planning management of a network in a single digital environment.

The G-IDA tool enables guided execution of inspections in the cloud by making the compilation of forms accessible with devices. The G-BIM interface for information management features a three-dimensional, navigable and queryable model through which that allows the user to access different levels of data.

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G-IDA enhances the results of research carried out by the Stress scarl Technology District on infrastructure risk assessment.

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