EMODnet Ingestion

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European Marine Observation and Data Network

EMODnet Ingestion brings together experts in data repository management and national and regional marine and oceanographic data from across Europe to provide long-term management and access to data collected by research, monitoring and control programs through internationally distributed infrastructure. These data come from a variety of sectors-from public to private to research-and can be stored and distributed through EMODnet as they are integrated to existing marine data infrastructures.

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The agility with which users can identify, locate, access, exchange, and use data and information about the oceans and seas are keys to the success of community marine research projects and activities to effectively support marine economic and management activities.
EMODnet Ingestion’s portal thus enriches the offering for any type of user with the goal of streamlining data collection by aggregating it once for multiple uses.

ETT is WP leader in Work Package 3 “Facilitate machine-to-machine transfers,” which focuses on machine-to-machine collection of near-real-time data on EMODnet Physics.

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