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Renewing historic buildings by developing a decision support system (DSS)

CALECHE aims at renewing historic buildings by developing a decision support system (DSS) linked to specific protocols (on-site initial evaluations -Heritage-Energy-Structure, engagement, monitoring) for the renovation of historic buildings. This DSS will implement a people-centered, holistic and digitalised approach on the whole cycle of the renovation process to take into account the multiple benefits and cascading impacts, in compliance with national and international regulation of cultural value protection and management. In addition, with a deliberate focus, CALECHE will improve the performance of three of the most promising technologies and techniques for the energy renovation of historic buildings, namely:

foto con vista dall'alto dei pannelli solari sull'Abbazia di Valvisciolo


  1. Interior bio-insulation with high hygrometric performance, a fundamental need for historic buildings to increase their usability by offering a solution that emphasizes circularity and low embodied carbon;
  2. A methodology that promotes the conservation and repair of windows, another sensitive point for conserving the heritage value while increasing the energy performance and which requires very different techniques for new buildings
  3. BIPV as a leading example – visible and guiding – of the link that can be made between technical innovation and renovation which will increase public acceptance of the introduction of innovation in heritage buildings.
All of CALECHE’s work is connected and applies the multi-benefit approach developed, is demonstrated across 4 use cases, and is accessible on a website called the “Historic Renovation HUB”.

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