BMW: Press Events

  • BMW Italia – Prodea Group
  • Event / Touring Exhibition
  • Digital Strategy
  • Multimedia set-up
  • Exhibition Design
  • Interaction Design

Technology and innovation for increased engagement at BMW press events and to support the work of journalists

Communication technology solutions for a large automotive group

Between 2017 and 2018, ETT was the technology partner of BMW Italy’s leading communications agency, Prodea Group. Through this partnership, ETT developed technological solutions for internationally important press events, such as the launch of new BMW Group products.

evento stampa bmw durante il lancio di alcuni prodotti, clienti che osservano proiezione e parete
Motore bmw in realtà aumentata che fuoriesce da uno smartphone

Immersive experiences and interaction to discover new products

Multimedia installations at press events allowed users to experience Augmented Reality technology, integrated in a mobile app, and Beacons by receiving product information and press event news through personal interaction. Touch-tables enabled journalists to create wish lists using specific software that were useful for writing articles.

due schermate con app e dettagli bmw,
bmw e schermo con immagine bmw
Credits: Prodea Group

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