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34 km of trails, 21 points of interest, 6000 years of dialogue between man and nature

Between Dolceacqua, San Biagio and Soldano there are 34 km of paths, 21 points of interest, 6,000 years of dialogue between man and nature, infinite stories of a rural construct to be protected: in a word, an open-air ethnographic museum

AntropoScene is in fact the itinerary for the enhancement of the ethno-anthropological specificities of the inland villages of extreme western Liguria developed to maximise the attractiveness of their landscape, the representative element and heritage-symbol of the communities of the three villages. Culture, history and tradition are mixed with itineraries among vineyards and olive groves and offer extraordinary routes in the air to be followed through technological and digital tools, accessible to all, such as Apps, QR codes and immersive and augmented reality dynamics.

donna su una fascia di terreno rurale ad antroposcene, un museo a cielo aperto, dove sono segnati i percorsi tra dolceacqua, san biagio e soldano
mockup dell'applicazione di antroposcene, un museo a cielo aperto, dove sono segnati i percorsi tra dolceacqua, san biagio e soldano

The network consists of GPS-tracked trails, indicated with international trail markings and enhanced by information panels that recount points of interest. The panels are equipped with QRs that allow users who have access to the app to delve into the content via video, audio, text or images.

Once users take the routes, they can frame the QR codes and find direct access the point of interest they have reached along the way.

Plus content,” image mapping and a geolocation system to find points of interest on the map are also available.

Antroposcene’s app allows users to find their way around the surveyed points of interest, collected in three distinct routes according to municipal logic. The user can thus discover the peculiarities and history of the area thanks to an audio guide and videos created in collaboration with the Teatro della Tosse.

Starting with the first 21 places, located between Soldano, San Biagio and Dolceacqua, in 2023 Antroposcene expands to include in its mapping also the areas and stories of Perinaldo and Camporosso for an even more immersive narrative that includes all the municipalities of the Terre del Rossese.

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