The AI-MEMO project

AlzheIMer Early Monitoring

Innovation in the diagnosis and monitoring of neurodegenerative diseases through Serious Games

The GREVAP The AI-MEMO project was born in response to the clinical-diagnostic urge to define tools capable of aiding the diagnosis of the onset of neurodegenerative diseases, aiming to create an innovative system for monitoring cognitive fragility in elderly people through the analysis of data on socialisation, urban mobility, cognitive abilities and mood, mainly collected by smartphone.

ETT worked on the development of a digital platform for cognitive and/or neuropsychological assessment translated into a gaming format (serious games). The app provides a collection of mobile games specifically designed to collect data on different cognitive abilities and mood, in a fun and non-invasive way. Through a mobile application, the user completes the games by testing their cognitive abilities in a fun way, while the doctor can evaluate the results remotely on their computer. The games are developed purposefully by a multidisciplinary team to analyse the main cognitive functions, including attention, memory, visual-spatial abilities, which to date have only been assessed through tests carried out in the physical presence of clinical professionals.

mockup dell'applicazione ai memo, mentre una ragazza la utilizza sul cellulare

2018-2021 Regione Liguria-POR FESR 2014-2020. “AI-MEMO – AlzheIMer Early Monitoring”. Leading partner: Softjam Srl.

immagini affiancate di ai memo, sulla sinistra mockup di una parte del test con delle forme in cui associare il colore

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