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On June 8, the Ocean and Climate project, conceived by Worldrise Onlus as part of the 30×30 Italy campaign, kicks off to raise awareness about the crucial role of safeguarding the marine environment in addressing the climate crisis.

On World Oceans Day, the initiative has a concrete goal: to facilitate the protection of at least 30% of our seas by 2030 to ensure their functionality and productivity.

Mitigating climate change is one of the objectives of the Paris Agreement, requiring a strategy to protect and preserve marine and coastal habitats. Ocean and Climate fits into this European context to contain biodiversity loss.

Mariasole Bianco, President of Worldrise Onlus, emphasizes that “The solution starts with knowledge, passes through awareness, and manifests itself through action.”

For this reason, the Ocean and Climate project materializes by bringing the marine environment closer to the urban one. Italian cities participating in the project are animating their streets with genuine marine-themed street art. In total, 10 murals are created using eco-friendly paints. Milan, Bari, Chioggia, Florence, among other urban areas, have participated.

Each mural features a link directing to a dedicated section of the 30×30 Italia website where 10 ocean and climate-themed videos can be viewed.

The campaign was created with the support of  ETT, Emodnet, So Chic e Ariston, in collaboration with Sky and European Commission.