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interno del Museo Caruso allestito da ETT presso Palazzo Reale di Napoli

Today, 20 July 2023, the new permanent museum, “Museo Caruso”, opens in the Palazzo Reale in Naples in what is known as the “Doric Hall” in the Cortile delle Carrozze (Carriage Courtyard). It covers 500 square meters and features 60 rare original items, 3,500 digital documents presented on 11 interactive tables and multimedia maps, 3D animations, 43 audio units and cinematic installations. ETT set up the museum in collaboration with Space and Corepixx.

The original space, enriched with special lighting highlighting the hall’s defining elements, includes the columns outlining the central spine. The exhibition space is divided into sections along a clear and linear route. The aim is to guide visitors engaged in understanding the main character’s history by employing technology to interact with collection exhibits, photographs, original posters, and other items along the route. The museum layout is predominantly multimedia, supported by various traditional elements.

The design achieves a balanced blend of new and old. Sound content received much attention during exhibition path design. Through the deployment of Beacons, visitors can listen to music and podcasts while using audio guide features. The exhibition begins in the room housing an immersive installation dedicated to Enrico Caruso’s biography. Five large projected discs, each linked to a meaningful song, give a musical introduction to the journey. In-depth notes are shown on the walls opposite the circular projections. The section dedicated to his discography follows, with content activated by beacons and sensor-equipped bracelets. Multimedia touchscreen tables enable immersive exploration, and multimedia showcases present sound podcasts. In the final two rooms, one is devoted to the singer’s life on tour, on and off stage, while the other focuses on “Caruso-mania”. They continue the narrative, combining physical and original items with multimedia and emotional features that integrate striking music and videos.

Project by NEO [Narrative Environments Operas] 

interno del Museo Caruso allestito da ETT presso Palazzo Reale di Napoli
interno del Museo Caruso allestito da ETT presso Palazzo Reale di Napoli - dischi