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Immagine della conferenza stampa 100 Luzzati con tavola ovale e partecipanti seduti

Yesterday, Monday 31 May 2021, the inaugural press conference for the centenary of Emanuele Luzzati‘s birth was held at Palazzo Tursi, headquarters of Genoa City Council, where the Luzzati Experience concept was also presented. To mark the 100th anniversary of the Genoese artist’s birth, the city of Genoa will come alive on 3 June 2021 to pay tribute to him with a series of spectacular events.

Animated, multifaceted, colourful: three adjectives uttered during the lecture that transport the future spectator into Luzzati’s immortal life and works. Animata, sfaccettata, variopinta: tre aggettivi pronunciati durante la conferenza che trasportano il futuro spettatore nella vita e nelle opere immortali di Luzzati.

Barbara Grosso, the Municipality’s Councillor for Cultural Policies, opened the press conference with important words: ‘Anentire city that will be transformed into an exhibition, an open-air exhibition, [ …] a city that will be filled with energy, colours, vitality, that only Luzzati knew how to convey, how to give‘.   Barbara Grosso, assessore alle Politiche culturali del Comune, apre la conferenza stampa con parole rappresentative: “Un’intera città che si trasformerà in mostra, una mostra a cielo aperto, […] una città che si riempirà di energia, colori, vitalità, che solo Luzzati sapeva trasmettere, sapeva donare”.

In the summer of 2021, Genoa will become one big theatre with the spotlight on one man: Emanuele Luzzati. For this occasion, ETT created two immersive experiences.

The first, curated by the Fondazione Luzzati Teatro della Tosse in collaboration with ETT, is Genua Picta, an animated video mapping that will enhance Strada Nuova with an immersive show of visual effects, music and video projections. Via Garibaldi, will light up, recreating an open-air scene in which the works of Emanuele Luzzati, projected onto the façades of historic buildings and immersed in soft music, will create a spectacular itinerary.

The Luzzati Experience will be held in the Sala delle Grida of Palazzo della Borsa until 3 July. The first large immersive exhibition dedicated to Emanuele Luzzati, it is produced by Fondazione Luzzati Teatro della Tosse, and curated by Daniele Sulewic and Paolo Bonfiglio, the maestro’s collaborators, in collaboration with ETT. A large panoramic projection inside a circular ring, with giant screens and high-definition video projectors, will fill the room with new colours, creating an emotional journey through the world of Luzzati’s works for visitors.

Giovanni Verreschi, CEO of ETT explains: “Webelieve that we have been able to create an interesting integration between Luzzati’s innovative work and the digital sphere. Today, we have digital and multimedia tools that are finally able to make the most of what used to be an innovation and that would otherwise perhaps have been trivialised. […] We like to imagine that through this 360° cinema we can really step inside the many dreams Luzzati charmed us with. We advise you to go and visit it in the hope that you will enjoy it, and bring back the memory and importance of this great Genoese artist.”

Locandina Luzzati Experience