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proiezioni immersive e roll up nella galleria ottocentesca della location che ospita Leonardo: il dono della vigna, mostra interattiva allestita da ETT

The exhibition Leonardo: the gift of the vineyard opens today in Vinci. Four multimedia installations created by ETT investigate the relationship between Genius and wine.

Scientist, artist, author, and mathematician: In Vinci, everything speaks of Leonardo. The gift of the vineyard leads visitors to the discovery of Leonardo’s most personal side, that of his passion for wine and the good food. The exhibition starts from the Vinci area, where the Maestro had spent his childhood and adolescence, participating in the grape harvest and experiencing the daily wine production first-hand. Subsequently, the event goes into a deeper exploration on grape varieties and wines in use during the Renaissance period. The walls of the village of Vinci host a permanent exhibition in a gallery that in the 19th century housed a wine museum, for Leonardo a daily discovery, creative matter and inspiration for new discoveries.

The exhibition is hosted on the ground floor of the Leonardo Wine Genius exhibition, in a historical building located in Via Montalbano 2, formerly a museum owned by Caviro. Once through the gate and after the ticket office, visitors find themselves immersed in a space dotted by arches and split into five sections in turn populated by four multimedia exhibits, curated by ETT. The design of the exhibition is by Architect Francesca Rapisarda.

Interactive stations

The exhibition features: a sound installation replicating the sound of pages turning with readings aloud of excerpts from Leonardo’s notes, a floor projection of the territory turned on by a proximity sensor, and an animation of a Leonardo’s letter to the farmer of Fiesole listing his methodological observations and winemaking techniques. The core of the itinerary is the projection of the 15th-century table setting.

Antica galleria che nell’Ottocento che ospita Leonardo: il dono della vigna, mostra interattiva allestita da ETT