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Uomo che utilizza l'app di visita del Cenacolo Vinciano

The refectory of the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie welcomes the public back in total safety and immediately registers a full house for the month of June. 

Visitors can use the official guide app created by ETT, where the secret of the Cenacolo is revealed through historical-artistic narration and innovative augmented reality experiences. Eight languages, inclusive visitor itineraries thanks to audio tracks and full transcripts, educational contents for children and itineraries through Leonardo’s Milan: all this is available free of charge by downloading the app from the store.

The Official Guide App made by ETT also recently received a Special Mention during the 2020 edition of the prestigious Gianluca Spina Award for Digital Innovation in Cultural Heritage and Activities. The accolade was presented by the Digital Innovation in Cultural Heritage and Activities Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, during a conference on the topic ‘The emergency leads to new digital paradigms for culture’. The prize was awarded by a jury of experts, selecting the winner from the best projects in Italy representing a virtuous model in the field of digital innovation in culture.

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cenacolo vinciano con sovrapposizione delle linee di prospettiva, modalità innovativa per fruire dell'opera presente nell'app di visita cenacolo vinciano sviluppata da ETT