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locandina del convegno stelline, evento a palazzo lombardia biblioteche e nuove forme della lettura il 20-21 marzo 2024 a milano, sullo sfondo arancione la grafica stilizzata di persone all'interno di una biblioteca con oggetti tecnologici e circondati da libri grandi e piccoli usati come tavoli, sedie, cuscini

The Stelline Conference – In Archive, this year held in the spaces of Palazzo Lombardia and Biblioteca Valvassori Peroni, is the national event dedicated to enhancing the heritage of libraries and archives.

The 2024 appointment focuses on the profound mutations reading is undergoing. How can public libraries redefine their role in the light of these changes?

This subject, of topical relevance from cultural, librarianship, and technological perspectives, will be addressed comprehensively, with attention paid to current trends in scientific research in this field, while also identifying how it manifests in public, academic, and school libraries respectively.

This Conference will be for GruppoMeta and Space an opportunity to present ETT Group’s solutions for digital acquisition, strategic management and communication of heritage: an integrated service that guarantees protection, accessibility and visibility.

ETT Group will be present with two stands, one at Palazzo Lombardi and the other at the Valvassori Peroni Library, where, among the solutions proposed, metafad, the most widely used software for cataloguing libraries and archives, will be highlighted.

It will also participate in two round tables, on March 21st and 22nd.

Palazzo Lombardia | March 21st, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Marco Biagi Hall

Round table: Inclusive reading: from paper to Artificial Intelligence

Speaker: Paolo Ongaro with the intervention From screen readers, to linguistics, to conversational AI. Where are digital tools for accessibility at?

What role can Artificial Intelligence play in promoting inclusivity in reading? Are we truly aware of the tools and solutions that we can introduce today in libraries to make them fully inclusive access points to culture? From voice and linguistic recognition technologies to conversational AI, what digital tools are available to us to address accessibility, valorizing and leveraging new technologies?

For details and to participate in this round table: discover the event.

The participation on March 22nd is part of In Archive, a day of information, updating, and debate aimed at the world of archives.

Palazzo Lombardia | March 22nd, 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm, Le Stelline in piazza – Piazza Città di Lombardia

Round Table: Archives and Gamification

Eva Balsaddarrsi and Benedetta Masolini will hold their presentation Surprising with knowledge. Digital archives from management to gaming

The presentation will illustrate the operational flow of analysis, digitization, cataloging, and cultural restitution carried out by archives, with the specific aim of highlighting how the design of enjoyment applications and the integration of various tools for exploring digitized resources increases the value of the experiential component. Narrative and discovery scenarios shed light on archives, where technology supports the construction of new meanings.

To participate in the round table: discover the event.

For all registrations for the Stelline Conference, please consult the dedicated page.