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Pubblico assistea a un talk presso il Genova Pavilion dell'ocean race durante la tappa di Cape Town

Genoa is on show in Cape Town, thanks to the Pavilion hosting an intense series of meetings at the Ocean Live Park to promote the regional capital and Liguria. Active participation and curiosity combine to discover tourism, culture, food, wine and sport. 

Gloria Piaggio and Pietro Toso illustrated Genoa as an all-inclusive destination to visit, also for study, work, investment and living; not just for its cultural and naturalistic wealth but also for economic development opportunities. The richness of the land was presented, starting from the Palazzi dei Rolli, explaining the promotion and enhancement of this unique UNESCO site. There was discussion on collaboration and synergy between Cape Town and the Ligurian capital, united by their numerous common elements; the Waterfront, the vertical city, and attention to sustainability. Cape Town’s Aerial Cableway to the top of Table Mountain attracts tourists from all over the world. Genoa can likewise replicate this model with the Parco dei Forti (Park of Forts), increasingly popular for outdoor sports itineraries. 

The Biodesign Foundation spoke about the meaningful activity of recovering fishing nets from the sea and building a “life-saving tank” permitting unwanted small fish, seahorses and starfish etc. to be returned to the sea instead of dying (about a thousand in each fishing net). 

ETT, already present with its much-appreciated Immersive Room, promoted a meeting on the theme of “Low-cost technology for the collection of scientific ocean data”

Alberto Del Cinque was also a welcome guest at the Genoa Pavilion. This Genoese entrepreneur has lived in South Africa for over twenty years and set up a company, together with a Genoese geologist, for mining dust recovery, which is then compacted and returned to the industry, giving a significant ecological advantage. Rear Admiral Massimiliano Nannini brought the excellence of the Hydrographic Institute of Genoa to Cape Town and showed the support of the Navy for Genova The Grand Finale of The Ocean Race. Also present was Fabio Pesto, who described the activity of the Genoa for Yachting Association, grouping together around sixty specialised yachting sector companies in the Genoese area. In Cape Town too, Genoa has laid the foundations for important collaboration with organisations and companies, thanks also to the commitment of the Italian Consul, Emanuele Pollino, who participated in some networking meetings. “Also on this leg – emphasised Gloria Piaggio, director of economy marketing at the Municipality of Genoa – we have shown the wonders of Genoa, a jewel to be discovered. There was significant interest and participation in the target audience, potential future tourists, and with the business world which has discovered new opportunities linked to our region”. The Genoese food and wine culture is also showcased, with an edition of the World Pesto Championship that will be organised in the Cape Town Waterfront amphitheatre. There is a record number of entries and truly enthusiastic participation, as has been seen in Alicante.