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The Genova Smart Week is an event promoted by the Associazione Genova Smart City and the Municipality of Genoa. The event presents itself as an international round table on the development and evolution of innovative and liveable cities and is aimed at businesses, professionals and operators in the sector. As every year, ETT will present some of its developed solutions and ongoing projects. In particular, Giorgio Genta will take part in the panel Monitoring, management and maintenance of the urban and peri-urban environment and digital and mobility infrastructures on Tuesday 28 November from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Salone di rappresentanza in Palazzo Tursi.

The emphasis placed by international organisations and the European Union on mitigating the effects of climate change on cities and peri-urban areas has unfortunately overshadowed the fundamental importance of day-to-day monitoring. City administrations, especially metropolitan ones and in particular those located in problematic geographical and hydrogeological contexts, need to be able to monitor the territory in which they operate, but also the relations with the surrounding environment. The latter, as recent history and chronicles have shown, are often underestimated, and digital links and infrastructures are even more underestimated in view of physical and immaterial but equally dangerous threats.

The presentation will describe advanced digital solutions for monitoring and managing the built environment, with a focus on urban and peri-urban risk management. Taking a holistic approach, ETT will present digital products developed to optimise infrastructure efficiency and mitigate vulnerabilities: DSS systems for infrastructure monitoring and risk management; maintenance applications integrated with Artificial Intelligence to predict failures, plan activities and optimise resources; Digital Twin for smart city planning.
The main topics of the panel included:

  • Environmental monitoring is getting closer to real time
  • The state of environmental monitoring in the Metropolitan City of Genoa
  • Drones and other aerial equipment for land and infrastructure monitoring
  • Remote monitoring of uninstrumented bridges and viaducts
  • Functional simulation of the urban environment and digital territorial twins
  • The monitoring of the inhabited environment
  • Physical and cyber security of digital infrastructures

To register and participate: link to registration