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interni del museo casa di dante a firenze fruibili tramite visore di realtà virtuale con video a firma ett

Plunging in the life, work, and even the Florence of Dante, using new technologies to enrich visit paths and allow virtual walks in the places of Dante’s Florence.
This is now possible at the Casa di Dante Museum, thanks to the installation of new dedicated virtual reality stations. «In this way – explains Cristina Manetti, president of the Museum – we will allow our visitors to benefit from an immersive visit of rare suggestion. It is further proof that new technologies do not detract attention from our great culture, even historical and literary, but on the contrary, can be at its service».
Thanks to the project and realization by ETT – SCAI Group, new stations have been set up on the top floor of the Casa di Dante Museum. There are now a total of eight. The initiative was made possible thanks to the contribution of the CR Firenze Foundation.

In addition to the existing content and paths, it will now be possible, among other things, to virtually leave the museum and venture into Dante’s Florence. A virtual walk that starts from the Poet’s house, passes by the Baptistery – a symbol of his desire to return from exile – and touches many other places of great significance: the Badia Fiorentina, the Church of San Martino, the Torre della Castagna (where Dante held his functions as Prior), the buildings marked by Beatrice’s life, such as Palazzo Portinari or the Church of Santa Margherita, where it is said that the two first met. And also Palazzo Cavalcanti and the towers of the Cerchi and Donati families, passing through Vicolo dello Scandalo, which in the 14th century the Florentine magistracy created to try to separate the two rival families.

A virtual journey that ends with a panoramic flight over Florence, made using drones, with direction by Federico Basso.
«Not only an experience of great suggestion that intertwines Dante’s Florence and today’s Florence– concludes Cristina Manetti – but also a project that further connects the museum house to its city. I hope that many Florentines will also want to take advantage of these new visiting opportunities».
Adele Magnelli, International Project Manager of ETT SpA, a creative digital industry that has realized the project, comments:«Virtual Reality is a very powerful tool that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the shoes of the Poet and have a truly memorable visiting experience. The project realized by ETT actively involves curiosity, empathy, and emotion, exploiting the potential for identification aroused by VR. We are pleased to have found in the Casa di Dante Museum an interlocutor who has allowed us to express the best synthesis between storytelling and technology, in an exhibition path that enriches itself year after year with content and experiences ».

The project will be presented to the press on March 25th at 11 am on the occasion of Dantedì, in the presence of Cristina Manetti, president of the Casa di Dante Museum, Tullia Carlino, and Angela Spinella, museum coordination managers, Adele Magnelli, international manager of ETT, and Alessandro Cavallaro, content curator of ETT.

To introduce the new content and celebrate Dantedì, the Casa di Dante Museum will also have an extraordinary opening with reduced admission for everyone starting from 1:30 pm.