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EMODnet Chemistry is the platform that provides access to data on European seas collected by nearly 500 international organizations in which ETT has become a partner since October 2021.

The prime aim of EMODnet Chemistry is to provide the public with quality data and outputs on seawater quality issues that can be used in an interoperable way. Its activity is firstly to collect, validate and ensure access to marine pollution data streams, and secondly to generate and publish related data outputs.

EMODnet Chemistry focuses on the eutrophication, ocean acidification, marine contamination and marine litter that affect the Marine Strategy Directive and global climate change.

More than 1 million datasets have been collected on marine chemistry since the 1970s and these have been grouped by different sets of variables into seawater, sediment and biota.

Six major European marine regions are currently covered by EMODnet Chemistry: the Arctic Ocean (the Norwegian Sea including the Barents Sea), Baltic Sea, the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean (Celtic Sea, Iberian Coast and Bay of Biscay, Macaronesia), North Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea.

In a recently released video, EMODnet Chemistry wanted to further its goals and targets of reaching and raising awareness among a wider audience by adding subtitles in 8 different languages. Marine experts can access this invaluable information and use it for performing further research. .