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locandina chnt26, Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technology, a cui ett ha partecipato

The 26th CHNT (Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technology) to be held as usual in Vienna from 2 to 4 November 2021 will, for the first time, take place in hybrid form, with the possibility for participants and speakers to connect remotely. The 2021 initiative, organised in the form of several sessions, is dedicated to World Heritage in the digital age and new technologies that contribute to sustainable research, conservation and communication. On 4 November, Adele Magnelli, Alessandro Cavallaro and Davide Pantile will present the paper Dante’s House Museum, A Virtual Tour enabling the enjoyment of cultural heritage, recently selected as a virtuous example and best practice of the publications on the theme Virtualisation against the World’s End: Creating new experiences for old places. The introduction will be presented by Giorgio Verdiani and will serve as an introduction to all the selected papers worthy of dissemination on this specific topic. The contents of the selected projects refer to the dissemination and presentation of museums and the cultural/constructed heritage that base their structure on Virtual Tours.

In this case, ETT decided to present and analyse one of its most representative works: the Virtual Tour of Dante’s House Museum.