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Pilota di Jet in volo

The pandemic crisis has necessarily led to a need for innovation in the commercial field of activity too. For Leonardo, which has always made innovation its main driver of development and competitiveness, a major international sales campaign is also an opportunity to experiment with new formulas. Let’s talk about the achievements of theLeonardo Industry Days in Canada in 2020.

Held in virtual form during the months of November and December, they are continuing into the first months of 2021, covering the entire Canadian territory with various stages dedicated to the Canadian regions of Quebec, Northern Ontario, Southern Ontario, Atlantic Canada and Western Canada. And with an additional event dedicated to the indigenous communities. The Canadian market is extremely challenging for Leonardo, which is why it has decided to organise Industry Days, a series of meetings in full cooperation with the various regional Canadian economic development agencies, dedicated to initiating talks with possible Canadian suppliers for both the FAcT programme and other future business opportunities to be pursued in the country.

The innovative webinars, realised with the support of ETT as technology partner, were structured with an initial introductory part lasting about an hour in which Leonardo Canada’s President, Dr. Francesco Norante, the Integrated Program Team leads of each division and Leonardo’s Director of Corporate Offset presented the company, its activities in Canada, its training capabilities and the Offset/ITB requirements of the programme. This was followed by a series of B2B meetings with more than 100 companies in the sector, potentially the subject of future collaborations within the programme. 

Source: Leonardo Company