ETT Research - Ecosistema per la Conoscenza An ecosystem for knowledge We collaborate actively with university laboratories and research centres on the constant development of patents and publications in support of cutting-edge research ETT Research - Innovazione a servizio della produzione Continuous research activities generate products that use the latest technologies for data system management Innovation working for production ETT Research - Mobilità, ambiente, salute ed energia Mobility, environment, health and energy We imagine and design solutions to improve quality of life and meet people’s needs
ETT’s Innovation and Research cluster, develops cutting-edge solutions to allow our team to support every area in business activities, optimising objectives in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
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Smart Health
25 Countries
Smart City & Tourism
30 Countries
Blue Economy
25 Countries
Culture & Heritage
20 Countries
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We are in constant contact with research centres, university laboratories, technological clusters and institutions to make it easier to transfer knowledge and create best practices.

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