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Virtual Reality

360° immersive storytelling

Museum set-ups and exhibition solutions for corporate and retail spaces

Virtual Reality simulates three-dimensional images and settings, permitting active interaction. As a result, emotional experiences may be accessed, recreating inaccessible places, past eras or scenarios of the future. Virtual Reality can draw new narrative horizons, reproducing stories and events with the highest degree of realism.

Virtual Reality for:


Enhance works of art, characters and artefacts by showing them in their true context. To witness a certain historical moment first-hand, interact with people who lived in another era and discover otherwise inaccessible places.


Design routes and simulate immersive situations and activities of all kinds, at any time and in any place. By simulating procedures of all kinds in a guided and protected situation, maximum output and maximum involvement are achieved.

Brand and Industry

Strengthen brand awareness and build customer loyalty with wide-ranging storytelling. For the multimedia set-up of a shop, a trade fair, a special event or simply an application - the possibilities are endless.

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