Matera 2019: Work in progress of the “Ars Excavandi” exhibition

The exhibition “Ars Excavandi“, which opens the exhibitions of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 and will be inaugurated on Saturday 19 January, is currently under construction.

The great international exhibition, a project curated by Pietro Laureano and carried out by ETT, is the first survey on art and excavation practices that gave rise to architecture, civilization and rocky landscapes over the centuries. From a contemporary perspective, it re-examines the culture of underground art from the first use of natural cavities and rock carvings to the creation of caves, houses, monuments, canals, cities and landscapes based on excavation.

The exhibition will allow visitors to leave for a journey made of images, sensations and analogies. The immersive structure of the exhibition will be usable for every type of audience, and will address the theme of underground art contextualizing it and enhancing it with innovative technologies. 


Work in progress – Matera “Ars Excavandi”

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