The Museo Nazionale Rossini (National Rossini Museum) opens to the public with an ETT multimedia fit-out

In Pesaro, yesterday afternoon, the ribbon was cut for the Museo Nazionale Rossini, the museum designed to be at the forefront of places in the city dedicated to Rossini.

This was an event of international calibre that turned Pesaro into the world capital of music, also thanks to the presence of Cities of Music delegates from the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The public opening was packed out. Visitors had the opportunity of visiting the piano nobile of Palazzo Montani Antaldi to admire the ten thematic rooms that take them throughan introduction to the composer’s life and works. The first stop is the Hall of Mirrors, housing Rossini’s Pleyel piano; now restored, perfectly tuned and ready to play.

The route has been specifically designed to fascinate audiences of all ages with an immersive story of the composer’s life, career and personality. During the visit, visitors are drawn by theETT multimedia unitsTouch monitors in the rooms let visitors listen to the works and browse through letters, documents and curiosities that would otherwise be inaccessible without the aid of technology. Video projections and sound and light effects take the audience right into the composer’s notes, and a Mixed Reality application shows the “Tempietto Rossiniano” (Little Temple to Rossini).

With this museum, Pesaro inaugurates another place of culture, and the main one in which one can breathe Rossini in the air, in addition to the Theatre, the Palazzo Mosca Civic Museums, the Tempietto Rossiniano in Palazzo Olivieri and the Rossini Foundation Library, located on the ground floor of Palazzo Montani Antaldi.

Ilaria Narici, scientific director of the Fondazione G. Rossini, stressed that the new museum marks a very important step for the promotion of the great master’s work: “An additional stage – she commented – of a project on Gioachino Rossini, that has grown in this city since the 1970s”.

The curator of the Wall of Sound exhibition was also present at the opening. This is the first temporary exhibition hosted by the new structure, which aims at combining cultural initiatives with the permanent exhibition.

On display from today until 8 September are 53 photos of legends of music, captured through the lens of Guido Harari, the rock-star photographer. A contrast between ancient and modern, tempered by the genius of Rossini, acclaimed by his contemporaries as an international artist.


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