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“Spectators. The Teatro della Pergola and its audience” now open in Florence

Open until 5 April 2020, the Teatro della Pergola in Florence presents an exhibition focussing on the most indispensable element of any show, the spectator; observed over the centuries and showing various ways of going to the theatre.

Space, an ETT group company, fitted-out the following exhibition multimedia stations:

  • an exhibit, set in the eighteenth century, offers a video story giving a glimpse of the varied and curious activities that took place in the boxes, and thanks are due to the actors of the iNuovi company for this recreation of the theatre atmosphere of the time;
  • a second monitor, activated when visitors applaud, shows a video on possible future theatre developments and speculates, ironically, on an auditorium without spectators.

The exhibition was created by the Centro Studi del Teatro della Pergola, with the contribution of Unicoop Firenze, and is part of the cultural activities promoted by the Fondazione Teatro della Toscana.

The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Friday from 15:30 to 18:30. Admission is free. Ticket holders for shows, concerts and guided tours may also visit the exhibition. From time to time, various guided tours are planned, giving insight into the uses and customs of spectators over the ages.

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