Sindbad – Safety of pleasure cruising

Web Gis, Web App, Big Data
Ente Finanziatore:
Regione Liguria
Comfort and safety for sailing in the Ligurian Sea

SINDBAD is an advanced operational service that works to support pleasure cruising and accessible tourist navigation in mobility. Innovative functions offer forecasting data (weather and sea) with maximum resolution on the Ligurian Sea.
It also integrates new tools such as maps with nausea indices and the comparison of forecasts among different models.

The Sindbad IT platform operates in a highly integrated manner ensuring the exchange of information with the outside world. The user can access the platform through a web/app interface that allows the interaction with the cloud data base, the central management and visualization module, the interaction module with the ground control units, the interaction module with the on-board control units, the data integrity management module and the performance index processing module.

Technology: Asp.NET / C# / Geoserver