Scentend Genoa: hints to the senses with ETT VR - ETT

Scentend Genoa: hints to the senses with ETT VR

Genoa is the world’s first city to adopt an “olfactory logo”. The Genoa fragrance is being diffused along a two kilometre route through the Old Town.

A blend of basil and aromatic herbs make up the essence created by Euthalia Fragrances, matching various olfactory notes with symbols of Genoa and Liguria. Five hundred litres of fragrance will perfume ten areas in the heart of ancient Genoa.

ETT, as well as being present at the inauguration as a sponsor, also developed a multi-sensory Virtual Reality application linked to the scent, which may be seen at the Boat Show and in the Boutique Euthalia Fragrances.

The hint to the senses will be diffused from 12 September until 13 October on a two-kilometre-long journey through the wonders of the Old Town. The areas in the Old Town where over two hundred scent diffusers will offer the Genoa fragrance are via di Scurreria, via San Lorenzo, via Luccoli, via XXV aprile, via Roma, Galleria Mazzini, via di Canneto il Lungo, piazza delle Herbs, via Banchi and via Sottoripa.

Creativity and technology for Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura with its new “AREA X”
ETT and Euthalia Fragrances using VR at the Genoa Boat Show

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