Marche Region: Computerization of the management of MIUR funds

The Marche Region has computerized the process of managing requests for access to MIUR funds dedicated to supporting the most economically disadvantaged families in the purchase of textbooks for secondary schools and the subsequent upper secondary school.

To this end, within the Janet portal (the module of the “Labor Information System” of the Marche Region – developed and currently maintained by ETT spa – which exhibits innovative services for citizens, companies / organizations and PP.AA fully integrated with its own systems of the Region of secure authentication – Cohesion- and computer protocol – Paleo) an application service was implemented for the management of the entire process for the request, provision and monitoring of funding for school books.

In particular, the 3 operational phases adopted by the Municipalities and the Region were computerized, automating the production and transfer of the information requested between the Entities:

Step 1 – Acquisition of applications
Step 2 – Processing the request lists
Step 3 – Reporting

The system implemented has thus achieved the objectives of:

Speed ​​up information acquisition and processing operations;
Standardize the structure of information transmitted to the Region;
Reduce data transcription errors;
Ensure monitoring and analysis of the information stored;

For the 2018/2019 financing, 222 Municipalities involved received 10.225 requests for access to funding (4,398 for secondary schools and 5,827 for second level secondary schools) for a requested contribution of around 1,500,000 euros.

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