Open day at the open laboratory of Ravenna

On Tuesday 28 May, the Classis Museum conference room hosted the open day of the Open Laboratory of Ravenna, managed by a consortium comprising ETT, MBS, Fondazione Flaminia and Fondazione Brodolini.

Laboratory activities are divided between the city’s two important museums. The MAR – Museum of Art of the city of Ravenna is the official headquarter, while the Classis Museum is home to experimental and training activities. The focus is on tourist use of cultural heritage and the surrounding area. It will open to participation; a dynamic and creative place capable of intercepting local needs and translating them into innovative and effective solutions that will attract talent. It gives the opportunity of “doing” in an active and proactive local context.

This open laboratory of Ravenna is one of ten in Emilia-Romagna. They are all part of a regional network of spaces equipped with advanced technological solutions for the development of digital skills, encouraging collaboration for the design of the future digital city and involving the population, public administration, the third sector and universities.

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