The “Daily ReMinder” Project of the Molise Region was presented today

Promoting and improving the quality and appropriateness of health, social-health and social interventions of minors, adolescents and adults with pervasive developmental disorders. It is the mission of “QuotidianaMente” (“Daily ReMinder”), a project of the Molise Region funded among the objectives of the 2017 Plan of the Ministry of Health, which recognized its validity, awarded at SMAU 2017 as a project idea with the “National Innovation Award 2017” and, again, with the “Sustainable PA National Award. 100 projects to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda, “as the most significant in its category,” Inequalities, equal opportunities, resilience “.

Specifically, the intent of “QuotidianaMente” – designed and implemented by ETT SpA – is to examine the daily needs of a differently able intellectually, make it more livable daily, guarantee greater independence, and allow it to acquire security and work capacity so that it becomes a resource for everyone.

Through virtual reality technology tools, two interactive scenarios were simulated – one in a domestic environment and the other in an outdoor environment – in which the disabled user, wearing a special visor, is projected into a virtual space in which he can move and be guided in performing actions correctly. Among the technologies currently available, we have chosen to use Windows Mixed Reality with the Lenovo Explorer viewer and its controllers, which has proven to be particularly suitable for its comfort, portability, ergonomics and usability features. The interaction takes place through the use of devices that allow simulating the use of the hands and the execution of actions specifically identified for the experimentation project.

Presentation of the book by Paolo Tachella
2 and 3 October: ETT at the SingularityU International Summit in Milan