New ANCI website online

The new ANCI website is officially online. ANCI, the Association of Italian Municipalities, currently has 7041 municipalities, representing 90% of the Italian population.

ETT at the Department of Architecture of Naples

Yesterday afternoon – Wednesday, January 23, 2019 – ETT was invited at the Department of Architecture of Naples to take part in an important seminar entitled “Great museums in Europe – Architectural restoration and adaptation for exhibition purposes”, within the activities of the PhD in Architecture.


ETT al DIARC della Federico II

ETT al DIARC della Federico II

Inaugurato il primo Museo italiano dedicato a Camillo Sbarbaro

È stato inaugurato sabato 12 gennaio alle ore 17, compleanno di Camillo Sbarbaro, il primo Museo multimediale dedicato al poeta, scrittore e lichenologo, nato a Santa Margherita Ligure il 12 Gennaio 1888. Il nuovo museo Camillo Sbarbaro – Scampoli Multimediali è stato allestito all’interno di Villa San Giacomo, nel complesso museale cittadino di Villa Durazzo.

The mandatory reports are 11 years old

With the Interministerial Decree of October 30, 2007, the Ministry of Labor began the telematization of administrative procedures through which employers, public and private, communicate to the Employment Centers, INPS, INAIL and the Ministry of Labor, information relating to hiring, extensions, transformations and terminations of employment relationships.

NUB Pocket Modena

The NUB-Pocket project is born of the need to make the contents of the NUB-New Urban Body exhibition more flexible and accessible, from which it originated. 

2018 A Year in Review

Dicembre tempo di bilanci.
Abbiamo voluto raccogliere nella nostra consueta pubblicazione A YEAR IN REVIEW le principali sfide che abbiamo affrontato in questi mesi.