Giovanni Verreschi at the Manageritalia round table: “Rome, the city re-inventing the future”

La tavola rotonda di ManagerItalia del 19 maggio

“Rome, the city reinventing the future” was the title of the round table promoted by the Manageritalia Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise, Sardinia and Umbria associations that took place on 19 May at the Casa del Cinema in Rome. 

Economic recovery, between real future and dreamed future were the main topics discussed by the participants of the meeting, also attended by ETT’s CEO Giovanni Verreschi. Other participants included:

Stefano Boeri, Studio Boeri’s Founder

Roberto Grossi, Creative Enterprise Culture Manager

Roberto Minerdo, Chief Institutional Affairs & External Communication Officer Hyperloop Italia

Giovanni Mottura, ATAC Chairman

Nicola Porro, Deputy Editor of Il Giornale

Tommaso Tanzilli, General Manager of Federalberghi Roma and Lazio

“Technology can do so much for tourism because we are experiencing a big shift in communication. The metaverse, augmented reality and other innovations that should help the users of the cultural heritage of our country and the capital. And so a city that with every stone has a story to tell and new technologies help to tell it in a multi-channel, multi-target way.”

This is how Giovanni Verreschi commented to Adnkronos/Labitalia after the Manageritalia event “Rome, the city reinventing the future”.

Below is the video with his commentary