Immersive exhibitions and storytelling, at the National Museum of Georgia in Tbilisi

“Immersive exhibitions and storytelling: involving the public, giving new life to the past”. This is the title of a seminar conceived and organized by the Embassy with the CNR (National Research Council) and proposed, in collaboration with the Tbilisi State University Ivane Javakhishvili </ b > And the National Museum of Georgia, as part of the Festival of Science and Innovation 2018.
Captivating but scientifically rigorous multimedia exhibitions, 3D projections, virtual reality, archaeological finds such as bio-archives, digitization and comparative research on images. Many topics and presentations are planned. With the participation of the world of research (from the CNR to the university) and leading Italian companies, including ETT.
Virtual and interactive technologies are revolutionizing the role and function of museums. But also the way of doing research. In the 21st century, the figure of the archaeologist is replaced by a team of scientists of different specializations. The work of art cannot remain a static object, however aesthetically precious and refined. Digital technologies are an extraordinary tool to involve a wider and less specialized audience and reduce the distance between work and visitor.

“The storytelling workshop is the first in a series of events dedicated to new technologies for the protection and promotion of cultural heritage. We are working on other workshops on museum design, urban redevelopment and conservation. To demonstrate how knowledge they are now strictly interdependent and the distinction between technologies and human sciences is obsolete, I thank the CNR and the Georgian institutions for accompanying us along this path, which intends to enhance Italian excellence in a sector of great importance for both countries Fertile ground for future collaborations “explains the Italian Ambassador Antonio Bartoli.

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