Il Vicinato a Pozzo (Life Around the Well) opens in the Matera Rural Civilisation Park - ETT

Il Vicinato a Pozzo (Life Around the Well) opens in the Matera Rural Civilisation Park

This morning, in Matera, ETT inaugurated Il Vicinato a Pozzo (Life Around the Well), a multimedia visit that is part of the Rural Civilisation Park project. It is an urban, sociological and psychological reinterpretation of city life in the 1950s.

The multimedia set-up includes immersive projections that bring together rare cinematographic content, interpretations by actors from “Matera-Laboratorio” and graphic designs. Visitors are welcomed by an interactive show presenting the contents of the four parks comprising the whole History of Man Park.

A serious gaming station gives an in-depth analysis of bread production, a symbol of rural civilisation. By using a touch monitor, visitors access detailed content that read NFC tagged cards. After the gaming experience, visitors can create a personalised stamp on a vintage-graphics postcard. This old-style but modern souvenir may then be sent by email.

This is the start of an emotional story that emphasises how unique these places are, using immersive projection technology to offer visitors a new way of looking at Matera

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