ETT Technologycal partner of the Basilicata Region

On 4 April 2019, the Basilicata Region entrusted ETT with the new evolutionary and specialist assistance service of the Basil work information system. The adventure of ETT in Lucania continues, an experience begun in 2006 with the creation of the Information System (SIL) Basil for the management of the front and back office of the employment centers which led to the establishment of the regional network of services for the work also thanks to the start of the PASS system, for the accreditation of private operators within the regional network.

The three-year contract will allow the Region to accompany the technological and regulatory developments affecting the labor market thanks to the Observatory component that allows a careful analysis of the flows and data managed by the SIL, allowing a dynamic analysis of the data available, with an important time horizon to provide useful answers to the definition of programmatic lines in support of regional labour policies.

ETT will, therefore, be able to make available to the Entity a highly competent workgroup, both from the point of view of knowledge of issues relating to the labour market and e-government and from the point of view of knowledge of the applications covered by the supply.

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