ETT officially joins the VR and AR Association

ETT has officially joined the Milan branch of VRARA – VR and AR Association. It is the only branch in Italy and is chaired by Lorenzo Montagna.

The VR / AR Association (VRARA) was created to foster collaboration among innovative companies developing Augmented and Virtual Reality. The object is to accelerate growth, encourage research, help develop industry standards, connect associated organisations and promote members’ services.

This international association, with its 100 chapters throughout the world, brings together all the major companies (over 4,200) and ICT professionals (over 27,000) dealing with AR and VR. It offers networking opportunities, access to documents, third-party research and surveys, as well as training content produced by a series of thematic committees and the participation in international events.

Another step forward for ETT, accelerating growth, connections and company knowledge, as well as strengthening its presence in the world of virtual reality; which is changing at record speed.

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