ETT joins the SCAI Group (Gruppo SCAI) - ETT

ETT joins the SCAI Group (Gruppo SCAI)

ETT S.p.A. will become part of the SCAI Group of companies.

SCAI Group (Gruppo SCAI) has completed the acquisition of ETT S.p.A., the holding company of ETT Group, active on domestic and international ICT markets since 2000. ETT supplies multimedia software solutions in the Cultural, Tourism, Communications and Marketing sectors, as well as information systems for Public Administration.

The deal will aid the growth of the Turin based SCAI Group, a network of companies specialising in System Integration, Consulting and ICT Projects. SCAI Group’s approach follows the industrial logic of developing the areas of expertise of each group company, thus creating an integrated high-value offer meeting global market challenges relating to digital innovation, research and development.

SCAI Group, with its international projects, over 1400 employees and a 2019 turnover forecast of around 100 million euros, has decided to augment its innovative cluster through a mutual growth policy with ETT. The areas in which the new subsidiary has had the most success will enhance SCAI’s reputation and market position, underlining its significant interest in digital communication experiences. ETT Group will also gain advantage through access to intercompany skill centres that will help its projects to evolve, as well as advancing the merging of traditional ICT with cutting edge innovation.

Massimiliano Cipolletta, CEO of SCAI Group, observes, “Following the growth trend over the last year, this operation with ETT means that we shall have more widespread national and international visibility on the market. ETT is not only a solid company in its own right but is also a group of companies. This represents an additional asset of great interest, enabling us to perfect and refine both our offer and our customer base. I am certain that our model of networked companies will gain immediate benefit from the innovative and creative skills that characterise ETT, improving the synergy of SCAI skill centres.”

Giovanni Verreschi, CEO of ETT S.p.A. stated, “We are very proud to be part of SCAI Group and to be able to count on an absolutely dependable industrial partner, which will strengthen our organisational and commercial capacity so that we may continue to grow. From now on, we shall be able to seize new and challenging opportunities and to develop future prospects, while continuing to provide excellence, quality and innovation; values for which we are renowned.”

Company Profiles

Gruppo SCAI S.p.A.

SCAI Group (Gruppo SCAI) was founded in Turin in 1981. Its development has followed significant growth cycles, both structurally and through acquisitions, with a marked acceleration over the last few years. Today, SCAI Group is a “business network” consisting of fifteen subsidiary companies and more than 1200 specialists. Its consolidated and widespread presence in Italy is supplemented by units in the UK and Switzerland. The main business areas are Finance, Industry and Manufacturing, Telecommunications and Digital Technology, Public Administration, and Services. Following the model of “General Classic”, “Vertical Industrial” and “Innovation” company market positions, group companies offer professional services ranging from System Integration, Software Factory, technologies for IoT, RPA, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Audio-video, ERP, Cybersecurity, UX Design, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and End-to-end projects to improve processes, products, workspaces and experiences; all with constant Research & Development activity.

ETT S.p.A.

ETT S.p.A. is an international Digital and Creative Industry, specialising in technological innovation and Experience Design. Founded in 2000 in Genoa, the Group holding company now employs over 150 people at its branches in major Italian cities and in London. ETT’s operations in the New Media sector create innovative applications for edutainment, culture, tourism, communications and marketing. ETT makes the experience of visiting museums, corporate and public spaces unique.  Immersive installations and multi-sensory itineraries are created, integrating innovative design, storytelling and cutting-edge technologies. In the Smart Government sector, ETT is a leader in creating multi-channel applications that simplify and modernise Public Administration by accelerating Smart City development. It also specialises in the production and supply of information systems for job market management and for the development of territorial information systems and Web-GIS platforms.


SCAI Group Communications Office 

ETT Communications Office


The Museo Nazionale Rossini (National Rossini Museum) opens to the public with an ETT multimedia fit-out
The Bulgari Dream Machine at VivaTech 2019

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