ETT and Space at BTO2020 - ETT

ETT and Space at BTO2020

ETT and Space (an ETT group company) will be in Florence at the twelfth edition of BTO – Buy Tourism Online on 12 and 13 February. Over time, this unique format has earned its top place as an indispensable event for anyone involved in tourism.

The scientific program speakers will include Giovanni Verreschi and Adele Magnelli, ETT’s CEO and International PM. They will report on successful company case-histories in the tourism field, particularly regarding virtual and augmented reality solutions.
BTO2020 – “ONLIFE”: PLACING PEOPLE IN THE CENTRE IN THE ICT ERA – This is the central point around which meetings will develop, bringing people back to the centre of a travel experience.

It is inspired by the European Commission Onlife Manifesto, a document that investigates the profound change that the digital age has made to the new human condition.
In the wake of previous editions, the “Human” theme will be taken up again, although with a different meaning. It is now looking to itself, in search of the “centre of gravity” in a travel market full of complex transformations.

"Spectators. The Teatro della Pergola and its audience" now open in Florence
History, beauty and cinema come together with "movietravel"

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