A new set up by ETT for the National Army Museum

ETT created the set up for the new exhibition “The art of persuasion: wartime posters by Abram Games”, for which ETT took care of the multimedia set-up.

The great exhibition explores the life and legacy of the iconic designer Abram Games, official artist of British war posters during the Second World War. Games posters have left a legacy that still influences the so-called “art of persuasion”: from rigid images to word games, to the innovative use of the airbrush, its unique artistic approach has changed the history of British graphic design.

The exhibition includes posters from the National Army Museum collection and objects borrowed from the family, and it is also enhanced by two multimedia exhibits which were curated by ETT.
A media gallery with videos and images and a game touch that allows you to create your poster to visitors: these are the elements that tell the modernity of Games, linking it to the modernity of nowadays.

ETT at the opening of the new "Art, beauty and culture" Atelier in Rome
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