ApPANORMUS is the new interactive guide of the city of Palermo

Today in Palermo, at the Council Chamber of Palazzo delle Aquile and in the presence of the Mayor Orlando, the press conference was held to present the projects carried out in the context of the public notice “Expression of interest for valorisation initiatives, communication, dissemination of historical and monumental city heritage “, promoted by the Strategic Development Sector of the Municipality.

Within this project, ETT has created the new interactive guide of the city of Palermo, implemented with multimedia contents in augmented reality and geo-referencing of the points of interest. ApPANORMUS offers the visitor three different routes:

Norman Arab path: the nine points of interest recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site are shown on the map and described through photo galleries and illustrative texts translated into English, German and French. Once near the point of interest, a multimedia content in augmented reality expands the cognitive experience by integrating additional information on that particular place.

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