MUBIA: the geomuseum of the Biancane Park

The futuristic geomuseum of the Biancane Park – Mubia –  is ready to fill up with tourists.

The museum is located in the extreme north of the province of Grosseto, immersed in the Biancane Park, a place of extraordinary beauty. It is characterized by geothermal manifestations that give plants, rocks and soils, drawing an almost lunar landscape. The Park, which records a steady increase in visitors every year, marks the distinctive feature of this area bordering the provinces of Pisa and Livorno. If the Biancane show what geothermal energy is on the surface, the task of MUBIA is rather to reveal the underground causes that determine the geodiversity of this so special and unique place. The project is characterized by scientific rigor and great cultural value, destined to be the driving force of the future tourism development of the territory.

The wow effect of MUBIA is guaranteed by the geo-ship: a giant dark globe over 10 meters in diameter, leaning against the back walls of the former Central of the Boraciferous Lagons. A primordial sphere welcoming groups of 25 people at a time. Through projections on large screens, the geo-ship offers a multimedia, immersive and emotionally engaging journey. From the cloud to electricity, to the formation of the magmatic pluton and the geothermal reservoir, a peculiarity of the place, up to the chemical and thermal actions of steam.

Fun, interactive, exciting, the MUBIA is a modern museum, designed to intrigue and make the subsoil more easy to appreciate.


A project by SPACE S.P.A. and 490 Studio.


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