The great exhibition Ars Excavandi starts Matera 2019 – European Capital of Culture

Interaction and experientiality the key words of the great exhibition “Ars Excavandi“, curated by the architect Pietro Laureano and realized by ETT in collaboration with Canon Italia for the Matera – Basilicata 2019 Foundation.

The exhibition represents the first survey on art and excavation practices that gave rise to architecture, civilization and rocky landscapes over the centuries. From a contemporary perspective, it re-examines the culture of underground art from the first use of natural cavities and rock carvings to the creation of caves, houses, monuments, water works, cities and landscapes based on excavation. The visit, between the Ridola Museum and the Palazzo Lanfranchi hypogeums,  ranges from the Paleolithic to the present.

The itinerary develops in five stages characterized by the five elements and by a series of sounds and fragrances.
An innovative exhibition designed and developed by ETT to create an immersive context and a unique atmosphere, between past and future, thanks to the use of over 50 square meters of rear-projected sheets for each stage and thanks to the collaboration with Canon Italia.

Inside the path, enriched by six interactive stations and a holographic one, there is a reconstruction of the Murgia plateau and of the Sassi of Matera as described in the XVI century; a play of lights and projections will allow us to see the city in X-rays, showing a part of the over 20 thousand square meters of underground structures and architecture hidden under the city of Matera.


Photocredits: ETT S.p.A. Canon Italia, ArtTribune

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Everything is ready for Matera 2019: "Ars Excavandi" opens on Sunday