Italy: an open-air museum

An innovative photo exhibition in Mexico City

Thanks to the experience gained in the smart tourism field, ETT has contributed with some of its own technological and captivating solutions for the enhancement of cultural heritage. For the occasion, we created digital video brochures and “ITALY: AN OPEN-AIR MUSEUM”, an application of mixed reality for the virtual enjoyment of some of the most important Italian tourist beauties in an innovative and engaging way. Through a cardboard, a VR viewer, the app makes it possible to explore, in Augmented Reality mode, a map of Italy by identifying the places of tourist and cultural importance. Along with this overview, “ITALIA A MUSEO A CIELO OPEN” allows you to select the points of greatest interest and to observe them in Virtual Reality, navigating inside them through 360 ° panoramic photos. There will also be personalized ETT Cards available to visitors, multimedia support that exploits the potential of augmented reality. Through a special app, ITALIA CONTIGO, pointing the camera of your smarthpone on the cards, the framed images will come to life on the screen giving the user an innovative and engaging experience thanks to the series of videos made by ENIT in the various tourist destinations of Italy. 



Two ETT Apps were selected by the App Store
ETT at the conference "Cultural heritage and activities: the roadmap for digital innovation"