New Open Lab in Modena with a Lab Space by ETT

The new Open Lab in Modena has officially opened its doors.

Among the activities there is a technological space created by ETT, where it is possible to become protagonists of unimaginable adventures thanks to immersive experiences in virtual reality. You can descend into the abysses of the sea on dynamic seats that accompany the virtual experience with engaging movements and effects, walking in the balance on a balustrade or in a virtual setting, experiencing the thrill of a journey inside a spaceship. These are few of the many experiences that enhance the potential of augmented and virtual reality applied to the most various sectors: from industry to edutainment, from tourism to architecture. The Space Lab can be used for cultural, school, university and many other activities. Thanks to experiential visits and digital learning,  the Space Lab will make the technologies for entertainment and industry accessible, allowing the increase of modern skills and the creation of new professional skills, increasingly requested by the market.


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