“Macchingegno” the new multimedia installation at the Freidano Museum

On March 26, 2019 at 10 am, some new projects were inaugurated at the Ecomuseum of the Freidano in Settimo Torinese. One of these is the multimedia installation MACCHINGEGNO, an interactive wall by ETT allowing to discover the history of work, Science and Energy between the 16th and 19th centuries.

Inside the historic “New mill” of Settimo Torinese, a deepening angle was set up with a virtual version of the ancient technical treatises published in the ‘500,’ 600, ‘700 and’ 800. An innovative spot with animations, stories and many ideas for starting educational workshops in connection with the Ecomuseum Energy Park. The common thread that characterizes the entire exhibition is the history of energy. Or rather, it is the story of the machines and equipment that, by exploiting the natural resources available, optimize work by reducing fatigue and multiplying performance.

MACCHINGEGNO-Labor, science and energy between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries is the graphic synthesis of a shelf of ancient volumes.
Each volume contains sub-chapters in which there are described systems and devices that produce work through the exploitation of one of the primitive energies (energy from animals, water, wind, fire and earth). In the application some machines have been animated in such a way that users can appreciate the functioning of the apparatus and its effects.


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